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ELPOA's Mission Statement
....Acting today to protect tomorrow

Taking action to preserve, protect, and enhance the natural and social environment of Eagle Lake for everyone to enjoy now and for the benefit of future generations.
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A Cottager's Guide to Algae
at Eagle and Sharbot Lakes

To learn about Green Algae and Cyanobacteria
check this link
Click here to access this report

Want to know the water level or temperature at Eagle Lake?
Thanks to Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (Kingston office) for their
installation of a permanent shoreline gauge. Now water levels and temperature
readings are updated every 15 minutes at this link.
See also "Algae at Eagle Lake in 2016"
As is evident from the image below, the lake level continued to rise in
early March, but crested about March 10th.
As of March 19th, there has been a gradual but steady decline in the
lake level. This decrease is due to the efforts of Bill White removing
portions of the multiple beaver dams along Eagle Creek. This has
resulted in the present good flow at Eagle Creek.

Clearing the beaver dam obstructions will now allow MNRF staff to
adequately control the lake level this spring at the Eagle Creek dam.
Winter at Eagle Lake 2017
February 2017 Newsletter now available by clicking this link.

Water quality remains excellent in 2016 (see Table below)
Read the full report at this link