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ELPOA Annual General Meeting, 2017
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CFT Septic Re-inspection Handout available here
Judging by the turnout, ELPOA's mix of
business and social agenda at the AGM
seems a great success. At least 80 people
were in attendance.
After welcoming everyone and introducing
the current board of directors, Brian Devlin
(President) highlighted the positive
relationship the board has with the Ministry
of Natural Resources & Forestry (Kingston
office) resulting in repairs to the control dam
at Eagle Creek and the installation of a real-
time monitoring gauge at Eagle Lake to
assist in the controlling of the lake level.
Brian introduced Mayor Frances Smith who
then outlined recent staffing of key township
positions, development of a strategic plan,
completion of the K&P Trail to Sharbot
Lake, positive modifications to the annual
waste amnesty schedule and that taxes had
been limited to a two percent increase this
Our guest speaker, Central Frontenac
Township Councillor Victor Heese discussed
the status and implications for lakeshore
residents of the proposed septic re-
inspection program for CFT. The initial 5-
years of this program will be devoted to
data collection of the status of septic
systems by pumper/haulers during routine
septic tank pump-outs. They will do a visual
assessment of the tank and tile bed,
complete a form as to the status of the
system with one copy going to the property
owner and the other to the township office.
Cost estimates for this assessment by the
pumper/hauler range from $25 to $100,
which is in addition to the charge for the
Victor noted that  the proposal for this
program is anticipated to to go back to
council for approval in the fall of this year.
Full details of the CFT Septic Maintenance
& Assessment Program, as well as
"frequently asked questions" about this
program are outlined in a handout
distributed at the AGM. This handout is
available at the following link:
Details for Financial/Audited and other
Committee Reports are provided in the
minutes of the 2017 AGM at the following
web page (link).
The following members of ELPOA were
elected for the 2017-2018 board of
directors slate: Brian Devlin, Irv Dardick,
Rick Cousins, Richard Holmes, Jeff Aird,
Jared Maklin, Doug Cummings, Deirdre
Bradley, Barrie Frost, Steve Burgess, Mike
Day, Russell Smith, Bill Steele, Joanne
Clowbridge, Mike Clowbridge and Doug
Ritter. D'Arcy Munn and Kathy Wight
volunteered for the two Directors-at-
Large positions on the board of directors.
When the meeting adjourned, RKY Camp
provided a high quality, enjoyable buffet
lunch. Perhaps the complimentary food, as
well as the free wine and beer, accounted
for our large turnout.
Following lunch, a number of our members
and their families made their way to the
camp's waterfront for some Stand Up
Paddleboard (SUP) races.  Three separate
races were run - youth, men, and womens
- and there were some very tight heats -
particularly a photo finish for 3rd in the
men's division.  Congratulations to our
winners, and many thanks to our prize
committee (Hailey Cummings of Unilever,
and Mike Day).  Also thanks to Bill Steele
for the great drone photos!
Other photographs of the waterfront
activities and during the AGM were taken
by Doug Ritter.