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Annual General Meeting Minutes, 2017
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Eagle Lake Property Owners Association
Annual General Meeting

DATE: July 15, 2017; TIME: 11:00 - 12:30




President’s Welcome

Brian opened the meeting by introducing the current ELPOA Board of Directors, and noted for
their contribution over the past year on behalf of the association. Brian thanked Deirdre Bradley
for the Canada 150 decorations around the room. In recognizing the Canada 150 celebrations,
Brian said that he also wished to acknowledge those who had lived on this land for a lot longer
than 150 years.

Among the Board’s accomplishments over the past year was improvement in Eagle Lake water
level management through a positive working relationship with the Ministry of Natural Resources
& Forestry in Kingston (and Graham Branscombe, in particular). The MNRF carried out dam
repairs, and installed a new water level gauge which allows them (and the public) to monitor lake
levels in real time. The level of the lake was currently at 0.9 m (local datum) and MNRF is
working to try to maintain this level (depending on weather conditions!)

The Board also provided input to Central Frontenac municipal council regarding septic system
re-inspection. Brian noted that Mayor Frances Smith and Councillor Victor Heese were present
to talk about this issue.

Brian encouraged those in attendance to support the 50/50 draw, with proceeds going to the
local food bank.

2. Mayor’s Comments

Mayor Frances Smith reported that the Central Frontenac had moved ahead on its staffing over
the past year, filling several key positions. The township now has a new Chief Building Official
(CBO), a new Public Works Manager and a new Fire Chief (the first full-time fire chief for the

Development of a strategic plan was completed, and is available on the website.

A new library was established at Mountain Grove (following the one at Parham last year). She
encouraged all to use the library over the summer; if the libraries aren’t used, they won’t survive.
Council has managed to keep the tax increase to 2% this year and hopes to repeat, or maybe
even be lower, next year.

The K&P Rail Trail completion to Sharbot Lake, a Frontenac County project, is proceeding. An
official opening ceremony/celebration will be held on August 26 at 1:00 pm in Sharbot Lake. Bill
Bowick, a member of Central Frontenac’s Canada 150 committee, is leading the party planning.

Septic re-inspection has been a hot topic at Council, but the committee is moving ahead with
public consultations in an effort to answer concerns and take the fear out of the issue.

The Parham Fair will be held on August 19 & 20 and will be celebrating its 125th anniversary.

Council responded to ELPOA’s input regarding the annual waste amnesty schedule, opening it
up this year to permit a free load to being taken to the landfill sites any time over the summer
period (May 13 to September 10).

Canada 150 celebrations are underway, with lots coming up - Mayor Smith encouraged
everyone to take part.

Mayor Smith noted that she is a director of the Eastern Ontario Regional Network, whose
mission is to provide higher speeds and bandwidth to at least 95 per cent of homes and
businesses in Eastern Ontario.

In closing, Mayor Smith left business cards for anyone wishing to contact her. There was also a
question as to whether parking would be expanded at Hampton’s landing to accommodate those
using the K&P Trail. Mayor Smith responded that, as an alternative, users would be encouraged
to park on the Tichborne side where the old store was.

3. Septic System Re-inspection

Councillor Victor Heese made a brief presentation on Central Frontenac’s proposed septic
maintenance and assessment program, based on a handout that included “Program Explained”
and “Frequently Asked Questions”. He noted that there is additional information on the
township’s home page or by email. He also noted that there will be open houses at the
Kennebec Community Hall in Arden on August 5 and at Soldiers Memorial Hall in Sharbot
Lake on August 16.

Questions from ELPOA members were:
? Are copies of the assessment provided to the owner? Yes, a copy is given to the owner, one
is sent to the township, and the pumper/hauler keeps a third copy.
? How can participating pumpers be found? The township will keep a list on their website.
? When will the program be implemented? The proposed program will likely go back to
Council for approval this fall (2017).
? What if a property doesn’t have a septic system? At the end of Phase 1, owners of
properties for which no assessment has been filed will be contacted. At that time, owners
can self-identify if they do not have a septic system but have, for example, an outhouse and
grey water disposal. The township is not concerned with these approved systems at this
? Will the assessment be looking just at the septic tank? No, the assessment will also include a
visual assessment of the septic bed, looking, for example, for pools of water, or strips of
enriched vegetation.
? How are water access properties going to be handled, given the expense of pumping? Water
access properties will be subject to the same 5-year review rules. Two pumpers working out
of Perth that do water access properties are expected to be licensed under the program.
Victor suggested contracting pumpers to do multiple properties at once to reduce costs.
Alternately, an assessment without pumping could be acquired; again, this would be less
expensive for multiple properties at the same time. It was suggested that perhaps ELPOA
could help in coordinating pumping to help reduce costs.

Brian thanked Victor for the presentation. In closing, Brian noted that ELPOA had sent a letter
to Mayor Smith in support of the program. The proposed program was passed by Council in the
spring, but was brought back to Council for reconsideration at a later meeting and was

4. Approval of Minutes of 2016 AGM

There were several minor changes to the draft minutes.
MOTION: (Brian Devlin, Mary Howes) That the minutes of the 2016 AGM be approved as
amended. CARRIED

5. Financial and Audited Reports

Richard Holmes, ELPOA treasurer, referred to the presentation slide of “Statement of
Revenues, Expenses and Budgets”

MOTION: (Mike Clobridge, Mary Ritter) That the auditor’s report for the Statement of
Revenues and Expenses for the year ended April 30, 2017, be accepted. CARRIED

MOTION: (Doug Cummings, Bill Bowick) That the 2017/2018 proposed budget be adopted
as presented. CARRIED

Discussion of the budget included a question as to why associate members (i.e. those who do
not own property) still pay the full $30 membership fee. It was noted, that although ELPOA is a
“Property Owners” association, non-owners are accepted with full voting privileges, have the
opportunity to be elected to the Board and receive the newsletter.

MOTION: (Irv Dardick, Russell Smith) That Gail Brady be appointed as ELPOA auditor
for the year ending April 30, 2018. CARRIED

In closing, Richard asked all those present to support the newsletter advertisers as they provide
a significant contribution to the association. He asked that it be mentioned to business when
making purchases that their ad was seen.

6. Water Levels

Mike Day made a brief presentation. He showed several slides including a web screen
shot of the “HOBO” water level gauge data and the dam. Data is available online for the period
from October 2016 to date. The gauge reports water levels every 15 minutes. Mike highlighted
the repairs to the dam that had been made by MNRF. These repairs will help to stop leakage,
especially in a dry year like 2016. He reinforced the positive working relationship with MNRF.

D’Arcy Munn noted that, as the water level gauge is located on RKY property, Graham
Branscombe, MNRF, has contacted him to do minor repairs when needed.
7. Lake Trout

Steve Burgess reported that angling results and MNRF netting surveys point to an unhealthy lake
trout population in Eagle Lake. A healthy population would show a good distribution of all ages
of fish, and this is not the case. In Eagle Lake there are very few small fish. In a netting program
carried out by MNRF last year, only one lake trout was caught. Lake trout are still spawning,
especially on the shoal across from Camp Oconto, but the spawning fish are all pre-1995
stocked fish.

Survival/recruitment of young fish is very low and MNRF has been looking at possible causes. 
The biggest cause appears to be warming temperatures and oxygen deficits at depths. These
warmer temperatures are possibly linked to climate change and nutrient enrichment. MNRF is
very interested in finding out what the problem is with recruitment and are working hard to do

Stocking can be used as a way to prop up the population and this is being looked at, but genetic
compatibility is a concern.

Lars Thompson and his daughter expressed concern that the lake trout designation was holding
back development on the lake. Development has been denied based on that designation and
they argued that, with the lake trout population as it is, perhaps that designation should be
withdrawn. Mary Ritter suggested that, at the very least, there should be a timeline to decide if
Eagle Lake should remain a lake trout designated lake.

Dan Wight, an avid fisherman, felt that the assessment was overly dire and stated that he was
confident that he would be able to go out and catch several lake trout in a day if the effort was

Brian Devlin said that the Board would add this item to their agenda for consideration.

8. Communication/Newsletter
Brian referred to a slide to present a case to move to electronic-only newsletter distribution. In
addition to the points presented on the slide, it was noted that there was also significant volunteer
labour involved to produce and distribute the paper newsletter. Several members of the audience
expressed concern with not having a paper copy sent to members. One person said that they
would be willing to pay an additional fee to continue receiving the paper newsletter. It was also
pointed out that getting something in the mail might serve as a good reminder for membership

Brian closed the discussion by saying that the directors would consider the comments and review
the issue at a board meeting.

9. Election of Board Directors / Directors at Large

Brian displayed the slate of proposed directors for 2017/2018:
Past President Irv Dardick
President Brian Devlin
Secretary Rick Cousins
Treasurer Richard Holmes
Board Member Jeff Aird
Board Member Jared Maklin
Board Member Doug Cummings
Board Member Deirdre Bradley
Board Member Barrie Frost
Board Member Steve Burgess
Board Member Mike Day
Board Member Russell Smith
Board Member Bill Steele
Board Member Joanne Clobridge
Board Member Mike Clobridge
Board Member Doug Ritter
He also called for nominations for up to two Directors-at-Large from the floor, encouraging
more women to participate. D’Arcy Munn and Kathy Wight offered their services.

MOTION: (Graham Campbell, Kirk Donald) That the proposed slate of Directors and two
Directors-at-Large be appointed to the ELPOA Board. CARRIED

10. New Business

No new business was raised.

11. President’s Comments & Appreciation of Departing Board Membership

Brian Devlin thanked outgoing directors Don Ball and Larry Cameron for their contribution to
the Board and the association over their term.

Brian thanked D’Arcy Munn for hosting the meeting and providing lunch. He also thanked Bill
Bowick for the Canada 150 materials and for providing door prizes.

10. Adjournment

Brian adjourned the meeting, inviting all to stay for the lunch provided by RKY. The 50/50 and
door prize draw would take place after lunch, followed by stand-up paddle board races.

Central Frontenac Township
Septic Re-inspection Handout available here