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Drone Mapping of Eagle Creek
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This summer, the Frontenac News reported on a new high
school program that was of interest to ELPOA. This fall, the
Granite Ridge Educational Centre (GREC) in Sharbot Lake
offered an unique course to its grade 11 students. Wade
Leonard, one of the teachers at GREC, introduced a course
in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which includes
certification in the operation and use of drones. A Phantom
4 drone equipped with a state-of-the-art camera and
software is available (Figure 1).
According to the Frontenac News article, Mr. Leonard was
looking for projects for this class. So this seemed like a
great opportunity to map the terrain of Eagle Creek. Since
major portions of Eagle Creek are not accessible most
residents at Eagle Lake have no perception of the
geography of this part of our landscape. Yet Eagle Creek
and the control of its outflow is a major determinant for
water levels at Eagle Lake. Furthermore, such detailed
mapping of the creek provides us with the location of
beaver dams blocking the water flow.
Due to restrictions of flight times as a result of battery
limitations, one of the landowners on the Bobs Lake Road
graciously made her property, which abuts Eagle Creek,
available to launch the drone. So on October 3rd, GIS
mapping, as well as video capturing flights, of a major
portion of Eagle Creek were performed by Wade Leonard
(Figure 3) and his student drone team from GREC (Figure
4). Further mapping and videos of the lower portion of
Eagle Creek may be done next year.
To view the videos, click on this link.

Eagle Creek September 2017
Figure 1.
Figure 3.
Figure 2.
Mike Day & Irv Dardick