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Prevention of Forest Fires at Eagle Lake
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It is imperative to prevent fire from destroying the near-lake land and shoreline properties, and the cottages and vegetation on islands, at Eagle Lake. There were three fires at Eagle Lake from 2001 to 2005, one perhaps from a fisherman’s cigarette cast onto the shoreline, one from a lightening strike and the other from careless campers on an island failing to properly extinguish their campfire.
These local fires prompted the Eagle Lake Property Owners’ Association, after consultation with the local volunteer fire chief, to purchase a portable water pump for use by all cottage, home and property owners to assist in controlling future fires at the lake. For immediate accessibility from early spring to fall each season, this fire-fighting equipment has been located on the dock of a centrally located island (see figures below).
If a fire occurs, after alerting the local fire-fighting office (dial 911 for the Central Frontenac Fire Stations), this equipment can be picked up to assist in controlling a cottage fire until professional help arrives. A plastic-coated sheet of instructions for the use of the Honda portable pump and attachment of hoses is attached to the pump. It is essential that cottagers and homeowners become familiar with the location of fire fighting equipment at Eagle Lake and with the operation of this portable and highly efficient pump. The lake association should provide annual training sessions on the use of the fire fighting equipment.
A similar portable pump for extinguishing fires is located at RKY Camp. Prevent fires at Eagle Lake by heeding the "burn ban" notices posted by the Township of Central Frontenac.
The instruction sheet for operation of the portable fire-fighting equipment can be downloaded from the link below as a PDF file:


In case of fire, contact
Central Frontenac Fire Stations at
Island fire caused by campers
Shoreline fire in 2001 near a cottage
Fire-fighting equipment is located on the dock (civic address 423) of Ritter's Island in the storage box marked with the red-bordered orange triangle.